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I now know why I havent quit smoking yet   
01:59pm 04/06/2005
mood: Stressed
when will this end? will it ever? it seems doubtful. when something good comes along there is always this fucking barricade that stops me dead in my tracks. but this baricade has an arsenal. and when I hit a dead end I get shot at by bullets and balistics. it doesnt ever end. Im 20 and the shit Ive been through is fucking lame. I know there are people who have been through worse...way worse. but my bad luck always seems to out weigh the good. to every one good thing that happens to me the good thing either goes away or it goes away aand this barrage of bad shit hits me in the face. yes, I might be self loathing here, but people need to fucking vent, I have a hard time expessing how I feel these days anyway. I dont know why its hard but it sure as hell sucks. why couldnt things just work out for once? just fucking once. what are these god damn mistakes Ive made? I dont even fucking know anymore. I just feel helpless and it sucks. there are so many great people in my life friends, family et cetera so why in the hell do I feel so fucking gloom if my surroundings kick so much ass? I dont get it. maybe Im overeacting? maybe this is all shit I could have prevented...and I know that some of it I COULD HAVE. but then there is the other stuff that just confuses the hell out of me, shit that I think is out of my control. I guess I could be wrong. well, I guess its summer time now, and my summers have always been pretty bad. there is always something that happens that makes me fucked up for a few weeks. maybe it happened this past week? this past week was fucked. like ten million shitty things hit me all at once in TWO DAYS! god damnit, Im done. at least I know I have a whole life ahead of me.

Best regaurds,
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04:40am 27/05/2005
  This tour sucks, I miss you all. hopefully I dont come back in the form of an alchoholic due to the extreme shittiness of a cunt named otep.  
Peta is going to kill me!   
04:51am 07/05/2005
mood: Sort of drunk
After five years of not eating meat, I decided to give it another go. I feel sort of sick but its not too bad. It was good none the less. Thanks for the memories captain peta machine.
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"...lower case j's"   
05:22am 05/05/2005
mood: happy
Things that rule:
My amazing girlfriend
My amazing friends
Music in general
Tony Hawks pro skater
having my internet back
Touring with Madball
Touring in general
My amazing family
Knowing that my mom is metal
knowing that my dad is just as metal as my mom
Sharon Ann Keller
Super Troopers
Tobasco Sauce
Hot sauce in general
Life In General by mxpx
and many more things

Things that dont rule as much:
Joe Talbot
The Intel Corporation
Not having a liscense
Not seeing Sharon for a month and a half
not seeing my friends for a month and a half
having a lack of funds
Having two friends that hate each other

Im leaving for tour again on tuesday, Im super stoked. it should be a blast. dont expect a full report, but if you see me when I get back, I will have stories to tell.

bye y'all. seeya next month!
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I need a job but I cant get one because well you know...the band thing   
05:18pm 12/04/2005
mood: bored
well...I was going to post about the cryptopsy tour but then I realized that would mean too much writing and I would be typing on this thing forever...but I will say it was probably one of if not the best experience of my life. its was brilliant. the weather, the amazing people I met, all of the discounts I got at sam ash and guitar center just because I told them I was in a touring band...it was cool, I know they might have had an agenda behind it but whatever, it was very nice of them either way....so yeah, thats that....hmmm...what to talk about...oh I got it lets talk about what Ive been up to since Ive been home...no...that wouldnt be very interesting either...okay fine....ill talk about that.

well life at home as been weird, Ive been home for almost three weeks and I still havent been able to settle in. the only good things about it is: seeing friends, family and I get to sleep in a bed....which totally rocks but I need to rock(insert wanky bill and ted esque guitar solo here) every night. touring is seriously addicting, I have no Idea why but it is but its sure as hell what I want to do in life....anyway, I really havent done too much since Ive been home, went to a couple parties, got wasted at those parties, went to a couple shows, played two shows with attack! and got super wasted at one of them....which really isnt a good thing or a bad thing...but a fun thing to do.:-P. anyway, I think Im boring the hell out of yous guys...like the 3 people who read this. so Im outta here.

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IM HOME!!!! and it kind of sucks   
12:44pm 27/03/2005
mood: bored
yeah, so Im home for a couple weeks. its awesome seeing all of my friends and family...and there are still some I have yet to see and hopefully ill get to see everyone before I leave again...anyway, the tours were awesome. the first one kind of sucked because the singer we had was a giant douche who needed to be cleansed from his life...but besides that the tour was rad, lots of drinking and smoking especially in canaduh, god damn was canada awesome. the people there are so nice and the lady who runs some food place next to the opera house in toronto makes a mean grilled cheese samich...Im not even kidding it was damn good and for five canadian dollars thats an effing deal! so yah everyone on the first tour besides that dickbag of singer was fucking awesome. highlights for tour number one:
Playing in time effing square! wow that was awesome. nyc was just insane, the show was super rad lots of people...like maybe 8 or 900 people it was crazy.ny pizza is cheap greasy and effing huge. I loved it. also getting drunk in a metal bar until 4am was sweet. getting drunk while minor threat is playing in the juke box was awesome...just imagine like 40 drunk people singing the lyrics to filler, wicked sweet.

Cleavland was just insane. I played like entire crap but check out this lineup

Pro Pain
Black Dahlia Murder
Cattle Decapitation
my band

that was just intense. Entombed and Crowbar were just amazing live...and amazing dudes to boot. it was awesome partying with those dudes...and by party I mean animal house style...well not really but it was definitly an awesome time.

Chicago was mind blowing...and by that I mean the House of blues. talk about classy sheesh. we had insane "dressing rooms" with showers, catering, beer soda, cable tv just awesome. I could have moved there...like seriously. sheesh. oh yeah, the show was really good too...I think like 1000 people were there or something, pretty sweet.

omaha. this show was just great because most of my friends from there showed up! man we got just shit housed the entire night. we ended up scaring behemoth out of the dressing room. it ruled. other stuff happened too but I was pretty drunk so its kind of hazy.

minneapolis was cool minus that asshole singer getting drunk and blowing up on our guitar player for no reason in front of everyone.

Detroit, was good...really good sold out crowd and lots of very nice people.

Philly, holy cow was this show rad. I god to hang out with jamey from bad luck 13...which is awesome cuz that dude is layed back and I never would have known the he was in bl13 if he didnt tell me. we did some cable access interview with this really old (really fucking old) metal guy who ruled. met up with the misery index guys...wow those guys are true gentlemen. very down to earth and wicked awesome. but hells yeah philly ruled hands down...there was more, but I still dont remember...damn.

CANADA!!! wow was canada sweet. the show in montreal was crazy. the club we played would be the type of place you would see in a metalthemed move. just nuts. okay, so not even 10 minutes after we play. I score big time, canadian beer is way better than us beer...and I totally paid the price for that...way crazy I didnt realize the booze level was larger so I got shit housed real quick(yeah yeah I drank a lot on tour, but free beer is free beer), then this guy comes up to me and sell me a bag 100 dollar bag of ganj for 50 bucks canadian...and it was quite possibly the best stuff Ive ever smoked.

quebec was crazy because nobody spoke any english..well for the most part but it was still pretty cool.

ottowa was fun, I dont remember most of it but I remember it being great.

toronto...our last day, and one of our best shows. the kids there were awesome, the people at the club were amazing and thats where I got that slammin grilled cheese. we said our goodbyes to all of the bands and smoked, took pictures with the bros it was great.

tour number two coming up next. bye bye.
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Im leaving sunday morning.   
02:23pm 03/02/2005
mood: Excited
yeah, so I will be leaving on sunday morning for tour. Im way too excited for my own good. I hope it will be a good time....actually I know it will be a good time. Ive been pretty much wanting to do this my entire life and it is finally happening. its almost like a dream come true in an odd way. I cant wait. why couldnt it be sunday...like...right now? I feel like I should be sitting in a moving van on some random ass highway stoned listening to neurosis looking at the passing landscape...wow thats deep...way to go dan.

in other news, Im going to be posting on this when Im on the road...sort of like a tour journal...well I guess it is a tour journal but it will be based off my perception of things going on instead of the rest of the band.

Im super stoked, but I am going to miss all of my friends...but...I will be home and I wont be gone for too long.

seeya on the road.
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05:15pm 29/01/2005
mood: mellow but awesome
Holy shit am I tired. yeah.....

anyway, life is awesome. get into it.
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Fuck all y'all Im outta here!   
12:26am 05/01/2005
mood: aggravated
Okay, I quit my bands and my job to go on tour. damn Im stoked. but for some reason Im in a bad mood. fuck you john berg.
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What going on?   
01:45pm 06/12/2004
mood: nostalgic
So the band played a fest in madison this weekend and it was pretty fun. well, actually the fest was pretty boring on saturday minus a couple bands that I wanted to see but the in between stuff was fun. but the thing that made my weekend was the after show at this church that was converted into a house. it was awesome, crazy and did I mention awesome? it was pretty OC if you ask me and what i wish the fest could have been but whatever, I still had fun in the end.
02:30pm 30/11/2004
mood: awake
yeah, I havent posted anything on this in a long time. what has happened since then you ask? well...not a lot. a few things have, good and bad but most of it just consisted of the same old shit. which is cool. I guess I could list a few highlights: Gwar, Guns, Pot, Mini tours with the band, more pot, reading stupid books about stupid things. really though, my dog is barking at an insane decible at the moment and Im getting to the point to where Im going to take him to the humane society...but I cant do that cuz I love that little fury assmunch. oh yeah, I randomley picked up a record by this band called Takaru. they're real good if you're into chaotic yet awesome metal hardcore. Just go to extreme noise, they should have it. am I rambling? I went to the final summary execution show on sunday and it was a blast. there were a lot of people there who I havent seen in a long time and it was good to see the majority of them and not that good to see some of them. this band Chariots played that was wicked awesome...very sassy and fun.
from boring to awesome.   
01:22am 10/06/2004
mood: cheerful
ummmmm....yeah...the day started out real boring, I was so bored I started to read the phone book...but then A Nurgen by the name Of pete called...so the day just went from boring to awesome. We biked down to the triple rock to go see Breather Resist, Colliseum, Kodanarmada, and Challenger....and I must say it was one of the best shows Ive been to in sooooo fucking long. everyband just basically blew me the fuck away! here's a recap:

They opened the show, and they were just fabulouse. they sounded like a crustier Motorhead with hot guys on the bass and guitar. sooo heavy...I might even like em better than motorhead.

oh my god, these guys brought the awesome. they had so much energy and made me want to shake my ass for the rest of my life. they sound like a softer page 99 with 4 less members. real fucking good.

Oh my god, these guys/gal were to die for! they kind of resembled Planes Mistaken for stars with kind of a stoner rock vibe....I call em like I see em. they didnt move around as much as the others but the music totally made the moment.

Breather Resist
JAW DROPPING!!!! I seriously havent been blown away by ONE band in forever. they were VERY intense and sincere during their set. I seriously couldn't keep my jaw from closing the whole time they played. it was most definitly a moment to remember...too bad there werent a lot of people in attendence....oh well, its they're loss. what an amazing experience it was.

after the show me and pete stopped by nicattack and emil's place to say hi and shoot the shit for a little bit. it was fun to see those cats, I havent seen them for a while...well I saw nic at a show a couple of weeks ago but we didnt talk long...anyway...then me, nic, and pete went to luce to get a slice of hipster pizza...it was pretty good...well worth the 3 or so dollars I spent...then after that me and pete biked home and started thinking up ways to put the word "bike" or "bikeage" into band names...like "Found Dead Biking" or "everytime I Bike" was just two of the 100 or so we came up with...it was pretty funny....and now Im talking to the best girl ever.

set phasers to mosh,
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01:30am 07/06/2004
  this is a survey by dan jay..Collapse )  
Sweet and not so sweet...maybe bitter sweet?   
12:03am 01/06/2004
mood: stressed
Werd, this is my first time using this thing, I just thought I would point that out. anyway...

Today was real fun, A big group of us went bowling. we were seriously there for like 6 thousand hours and every second was real fun. after everyone left a couple of us stayed and watch the wolves loose to the lakers...god damn I hate the lakers, but it doesnt affect me in the least bit...well after that a friend dropped me off at home. I was in a great mood right until I walked in the door. I walk in and I say "hi there" to my mother and she just kind of looked at me and looked away. she looked real tired and kind of sad. so I just started to mind my own business and walked past her...then I look to my right and I see my sister just crying her eye's out...and then she started talking about how she is real depressed all the time and cries her self to sleep every night....Im actually really starting to get worried about her, she has been very unstable emotionally as of late...its actually really scaring me...even my whole family has been acting weird...but I dont think I should even be typing this....oh well.
My name is Dan   
09:20pm 11/05/2004
mood: tired
But it isnt really becuase this is Sharon and I just made this journal for him. ROckstars rulllezz
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